Top Interior Painting Tips and Tricks for Flawless Results

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When it comes to setting the mood and granting beauty to a room, painting is your best solution. That’s why it’s imperative to count on an excellent painting job for your interior space. Here are some fantastic interior painting tips that’ll have you painting like an expert!

With most DIY painting projects, it is ideal to have the necessary information to complete everything satisfactorily.

Pay attention, Kendy’s Painting professionals are here to give you these five tips that are vital if you want to do the work on your own.

Follow These Interior Painting Tips for a Fantastic DIY Job

Today, we’ll show you the right in how to paint a room! We’ll give you the top professional interior painting tips and tricks, from prepping your walls correctly to choosing the right equipment.

Interior Painting Tips

Prep Your Walls with the Right Primer

Prepping Walls with White Primer

No matter if you’re painting over drywall, wood, or any type of surface, priming your walls is a fundamental step in proper painting. Whether you’re preparing old walls for painting or new ones, you should never skip priming.

Without priming your walls, you’ll end up coating your walls with paint much more than what you should! This, therefore, means that you’ll use much more product than what you usually would with a primer.

Of course, the type of primer will vary depending on the type of surface of your painting. For instance, you’ll need to use oil-based primers for walls that are more likely to be touched a lot. Moreover, this type of primer works well on wood, steel, and walls with the existing paint.

Water-based oils, on the other hand, are mainly used for softwoods, brick, drywall, and concrete. They are also the most affordable option among primers. Lastly, this type of primer works great for blocking off stains and cracks.

Last but not least, we have shellac primers. Shellacs is the primer that can endure most damages, such as water, rust, and smoke. Not only that, but it can also resist any bleeding that may come from new paint. Also, you can use shellac for both oil and latex paints.

Be aware though, that shellac gives many more fumes compared to the other primers. This means that you will need to use a solution to thin out the substance.

Sand Off Any Imperfections for a Smooth Surface

Sanding Away Flaws from Walls

Sanding walls before painting grants you the ideal smooth surface for flawless results. By smoothing out your walls, you’ll shed the dirt away. In other words, you’ll end up working on a clean surface!

Also, sanding your walls can help reduce painting costs. This is because it will help keep you out of the trouble of coating many times with paint a wall to cover a flaw. Not only will it end up being cost-effective, but also it will save you from that burden as well!

Remember to use the right tools when sanding your walls. You can use a sanding pole with fine-grit sanding paper. Start off from the baseboard and slowly make your way to the ceiling. Sand horizontally along with the ceiling and baseboard. Last but certainly not least, try not to put too much pressure on the pole, since this can cause damage to your walls.

When it comes to particular details, like woodwork, feel free to use a sanding sponge. This will help you get between the gaps. Before sanding, always remember to use your safety goggles and rubber gloves!

Don’t let your Paint Dry!

Your painting always has to have perfect consistency, so it will be easy to apply on your walls. Do not let it dry or you will run the risk of losing all the paint. Seal the paint very well after using it.

You must optimize the amount of paint you are going to use; therefore, you must be alert. You cannot allow the paint to dry or you will have to spend more money on your painting project.

Our advice is that you measure well the area that you are going to paint so that you know how much paint you are going to use.

Before painting your walls you must measure them so that you have an idea of ​​how much paint to buy. Be careful with the paint, cover the containers very well and make sure it does not dry out.

Purchase High-Quality Paint to Get Quality Results

You have to decide what type of paint you will apply in the future. Follow these interior painting tips, and as a result, you will paint your walls like a pro.

Before buying the paint you should know what type you need. This will vary depending on your needs. There are many types of paint; for example:

High Gloss

This type of paint is one of the most durable; therefore, it is a good option. It is also important to mention that it lasts, bright and reflects the light. This is a good option for cabinets, moldings, and doors.


This paint is ideal for wet rooms. It is said to be the best paint to combat areas with drips and grease stains. It is normally used to paint kitchens, bathrooms, and chair rails.

Satin Paint

This type of paint has a peculiar shine; therefore, we recommend it to our customers. It is very easy to clean this type of paint, it is ideal to apply it in the busiest spaces of your house. We recommend using this type of paint on family rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and foyers.

Who Offers the Best Interior Painting Services Near Me?

We already show you the top interior painting tips and tricks, now we will advise you how to select the correct painting contractor. Asking for professional help is a good idea, but you must be careful when hiring someone.

Before hiring someone you should look at how many years of experience he has. An experienced team can assure you of quality results. You should also ask for proof of previous projects, some painting contractors usually add photos of their projects in the portfolios of their websites.

Now you just have to decide, you can follow our advice and paint your house or you can call an expert. The most important thing is that you get the results you want, so we advise you to be careful. If you need advice or help then call us, we would love to help you! We also invite you to read our blog to learn the main benefits of our professional painting services.


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