How to Paint Without Streaks: Follow These Four Tips and Get Professional Results

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Are you thinking of changing the color of the walls of your house? Then pay attention to this blog. You can’t grab a brush or roller without learning how to paint without streaks. These four tips that we are going to explain to you in this guide are essential to obtain a smooth and uniform result.

Forget your fears and get a professional finish! In this post, we will take care of detailing this process so that there is no margin for error.

What if I try to paint my house and I ruin my walls?

Without a doubt, it is usually one of the main concerns that will arise when you want to renew the appearance of your house with paint. Although one can learn from mistakes, no one wants to gain experience at the cost of damaging the interior or exterior of their home.

For this reason, the following painting tips and keys will help you provide a professional finish to your walls.

Follow These 4 Tips and Learn How to Paint without Streaks

How to Paint Without Roller Marks

Painting seems easy, but the first time you use a roller you realize that it is not so easy.

At first, it is difficult to get the point and it is quite common for people to leave the marks of the roller on the walls. Do not give up! To obtain a good final result, you need to practice and learn some of our painting tricks.

Give your walls a clean finish by following these steps on how to paint without streaks:

  1. Choose the right tools to paint
  2. Use the W technique to paint the walls
  3. Paint quickly so the paint doesn’t dry out
  4. Make sure to paint the corners and edges first

Painting is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to change the look of a house.  However, when people face their first wall, several hours, and layers of paint later, they become frustrated.

We know that roller marks and stripes are a torment, that is why we want to share these types with you. In other words, we want everything to be easier for you.

Choose the Right Tools to Paint

How to Choose the Right Painting Tools

Before you start, you should make sure you buy quality tools. The technique is useless if the roller is of poor quality. Normally, an inexpensive roller does not tend to load the paint well, requires a longer painting time, and it is easy to leave marks at the end.

We recommend wool and polyester rollers as they tend to give good results. If properly cleaned after each job, they can last a long time in perfect condition, so the investment is worth it.An alternative option is to use a Teflon coated roller. This type of roller prevents fiber yarns from caking. It also improves the load on the roller, reducing painting time. On the other hand, keep in mind that you will also need a handle and a bucket with a grid to complete your painting equipment.

Use the W Technique to Paint the Walls

How to Paint a Room

There are different ways to paint a wall with a roller. We recommend the W technique, as it usually guarantees an optimal finish in a short time. In the first place, you must pass a brush in the areas near the ceiling, baseboard, on doors and windows, as well as in the corners.

After loading the roller, place it on the bottom corner of the wall, a few inches from the base. You should exert a little pressure towards the ceiling but not in a straight line, but following a slight incline.

Lower the roller towards the ground but this time in a straight line. Follow this pattern from the bottom up as long as you have enough paint on the roller. Once the wall has been painted and with the paint still fresh, you will have to roll again following the same pattern.

Paint Quickly So the Paint Doesn’t Dry Out

How to Paint Your Walls Like a Pro

When painting, you have to be quick because if wet paint strips overlap with other already dry ones, marks will inevitably remain. Never leave a wall half painted. Calculate the time it takes to paint a surface, and plan your breaks accordingly.

When a paint job takes several hours, it is easy for paint to clump and roll onto the wall. To avoid this, you can strain it or also cover the bucket with a damp cloth to delay drying. Remember to also clean the roller if it has formed lumps because there may be residues on it.

Make Sure to Paint the Corners and Edges First

Basic Painting Tips

Many people use brushes to paint the edges of the ceiling, above the baseboard, doors, windows, and corners. However, the texture of the brush is different from that of the roller, so it is convenient that the horizontal line that you make with the roller is as close to the ceiling or corner as possible so that the brush mark is noticeable as little as possible.

Now that you have read each of the steps in this process you already know how to paint without streaks. Remember that each tip is essential for the final result to be a smooth and elegant finish. Make sure you buy quality tools and apply the paint the right way.


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