Eggshell vs Matte: How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

Kendy’s Painting Inc | Interior Painting | 12 Jun 2020

Are you looking for a guide to help you choose the right paint finish? Then you are on the right blog. Today we will compare two of the best paint finishes: eggshell vs matte. We will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each and the main reasons why you should consider them.

The brilliance of the painting could make a big difference in your room; therefore, it is essential to choose the correct finish. All the paintings have different brightness; it is your duty to select the ideal shade for the walls of your house. Before making a decision, you need to learn what the types of finishes are and what benefits they offer.

Let’s not waste any more time, get comfortable and enjoy our blog. Kendys Painting Inc is here to guide you and help you make the right decisions.

Eggshell vs Matte: Follow Our Guide and Choose the Right Paint Finish

how to choose the right paint finish

Painting projects are very important; therefore, you must choose the correct colors and finishes. Kendys Painting Inc is one of the best painting contractors in the area, that’s why we have the necessary experience to advise you. We want your painting project to be a success. Follow our blog and let’s compare together: eggshell vs matte.

 Do not waste more time, get comfortable and enjoy this painting blog. We invite you to read our other post to learn more about the best painting tips & tricks.

Below we will explain each of these finishes and why you should consider them. We will show you the best of each and you only have to make the final decision.

Choosing the Right Paint Finish: Eggshell

eggshell paint finish

This is one of the most famous paint finishes as it offers a wide variety of benefits. If you are still not sure what finish to choose for your walls then you should consider the eggshell. This finish has a remarkable shine that will give life to your walls. Do not worry, it is not a very intense shine. We could say it sits somewhere in between a matte and satin finish.

So if you are considering getting an eggshell paint finish, here are some benefits that might attract you:

Eggshell Is Easier to Clean

This is one of the main benefits of this paint finish. The eggshell finish is easy to clean; therefore, it will not give you problems. All you need to do to remove stains is to use a damp cloth and a sponge. It is important to know that this finish is resistant to scratches and stains as well. Not only that, but it is also low maintenance too.

Durability and Performance

 Another benefit of using eggshell is that it is very durable and resistant. As the paint dries, a protective layer is created on the surface. This finish is perfect for use in rooms with high traffic. We recommend using this type of paint in bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms.


The benefit of having an eggshell finish is that it is reflective. These types of pains are washable; therefore, you will be able to easily remove the dirt from the surface. The reflective properties in the paint will enhance the color of your walls and reflect light. We recommend this finish for small rooms as it can make them look bigger. The gloss percentage of eggshell ranges from 10% to 25%.

You Should Consider Matte for Your Project

matte paint finish

Matte paint is known for giving walls a luxurious finish. This is a finish that has almost no shine, so it will give a serious and elegant touch to your home. The matte appearance is softer than the eggshell and lends itself well to combining its shades with woods. Therefore, you can combine a matte finish in your living room with a hardwood floor.

These are some of the advantages that this finish offers:

Luxurious Appearance

This finish is recognized as offering a stylish appearance. We recommend matte paint as we know it offers quality results. The matte finish is ideal for studios, libraries, dining rooms, and other spaces around the home that need to look stylish. This finish blends perfectly with hardwood floors.

Matte Finishes Cover Imperfections in Surface 

It is important that you look for a finish that helps you cover the imperfections of your walls. The matte finish is the one you must choose, it will help you completely change the look of your house. Matte finish is undoubtedly the most popular for painting home walls. Consider this type of finish and give your walls the look they deserve.

Easier to Apply

This is one of the main benefits of matte paint, it is very easy to apply. In other words, you won’t have to spend a lot of time painting your house. This finish gives prominence to the other decorative elements, thus making everything look better.

Eggshell vs Matte: It Is Time to Choose the Best Finish for Your Walls

At Kendys Painting Inc we always talk about the power that color has to change the appearance of a room. The paint finish is something that you need to consider. Whether matte or eggshell, its effect will be special and therefore, it is to consider when decorating your home. 

Matte finish paint is the most popular for painting walls. Softens surfaces and distributes light throughout the room, instead of reflecting it. The eggshell finish paint has a slightly shiny and “silky” appearance. It is easy to clean, but you will have to apply it carefully, since the imperfections or traces of the brush that you use when painting will be more visible.

This decision will depend on your needs, you must choose the finish that best suits your home. The level of brightness is the determining factor between these two options, now you just have to make a decision.

It is always important to have the advice of a painting contractor and that is why we created this blog. We tried to bring you the best of this comparison: eggshell vs matte. Matte paint will give you an elegant finish and you can use it in almost the entire house since it is more resistant. Instead, the eggshell will give you a more shiny finish, it is ideal for rooms and rooms. Now that you know the advantages and applications of each one, you just have to make a decision.


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