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    Rosa Mojer
    Brittney Perry
    Project Type: Home painting

    Kendy was so quick to respond, and so kind during both visits: always called me by my first name, shared his super cool flashlight with my 3 year old, kept me up to date on all progress... plus he gave me the best estimate of everyone I asked. I *love* the work that he and Alex did, and I’m so glad I didn’t try to do it myself.

    Saul Mendez
    Ashika Maharaj
    Project Type: Commercial painting

    Kendy's Painting was great. Our building looked old and beat up and really needed a new look. I called a few places and Kendy's Painting had the most competitive quote. They took time to wash and patch the building. Our building looks brand new, vibrant and Kendy was able to add two new logos. Thank you Kendy and team! I would highly recommend Kendy's Painting to anyone. I'm also hoping to use their services in the future for our other sites.

    Fran D.
    Project Type: Painting services

    I work for a building contractor. We have used Kendy's Painting on many projects, always with excellent results. We have very high standards and Kendy is our favorite painter. His crew is conscientious, reliable, and they do great quality work. I give Kendy's Painting my highest recommendation.

    Drywall Contractor in Redwood City CA

    Welcome to Kendy’s Painting Inc. You’re here because you need a drywall repair, right? Then, you are on the right page! We are the best drywall contractor in Redwood City CA. In other words, we offer the best drywall installation & repair. Our team is here to guide you. Take your phone and dial our number today!

    Have you watched videos online where people try to learn how to repair drywall? After those videos, do you think you would be ready to do drywall repairs on your own? Do you think it’s an easy job? Well, forget it! In other words, this kind of job requires professional help.

    Our team has the tools and experience to repair your walls in no time. It doesn’t matter if you only need to repair a small crack or the entire wall, we are here to help you. Work with Kendy’s Painting Inc and ensure quality results!

    Kendy’s Painting Inc Is the Best Drywall Contractor in Redwood City CA

    Drywall Services in Redwood City CA

    What can give you more peace of mind than working with experienced professionals? There is no substitute for experience, and with experience comes our superior skill to deliver drywall repair in Palo Alto CA. No matter how big the damage is, we can handle it! Kendy’s Painting Inc is the leading drywall contractor in Redwood City CA.

    Stop looking for help; you are facing the best drywall company in the area. Therefore, our team is ready to put our knowledge at your disposal. In other words, we want to repair your drywall. When choosing a contractor, we will be your best option since we have a great team of collaborators and experience in the execution and direction of works in general.

    We know how uncomfortable it is to see the drywall of your house with holes; therefore, we are here to solve your problems. Kendy’s Painting Inc. professionals are the right team for the job. If you have problems with your drywall or you need to build with drywall, you should contact us to meet your needs.

    Professional Drywall Installation Services

    Drywall Installation in Redwood City CA

    Kendy’s Painting Inc is a local company with many years of experience; therefore, we have the knowledge to help you install drywall in your home or business. Call us if you need a drywall installation in Redwood City CA. We offer quality results at affordable prices. Put your project in our hands; we are here to guide you.

    Companies that do not have enough experience and knowledge to repair drywall could ruin your walls and increase the total cost of the project. Do not waste your time, get in touch with the best drywall contractor in Redwood City CA. Kendy’s Painting Inc is here to put our experience and tools at your disposal.

    Drywall Repair Service & Drywall Finishing

    Drywall Repair in Redwood City CA

    Maybe you’ve seen a small crack on your wall, and you think that’s not the big deal, but if you let the time pass, it can become a big problem. In other words, drywall damage can happen pretty fast. Therefore, call us if you need drywall repair. In other words, If you notice signs of infestation or holes, maybe it’s time to contact us!

    Water exposure is one of the leading causes of drywall damage. Water can not only cause damage to the structure, but it can also generate mold. If you choose to hire someone without experience, you could put your home in danger, which is a high risk. Trust your walls to Kendy’s Painting Inc. we are the leading drywall contractor in Redwood City CA.

    Drywall Contractor in Redwood City CA: Kendy’s Painting INC Is the Team to Call!

    Kendy's Painting Inc is the Best Drywall Contractor

    When it comes to installing or repairing drywall, we are the best option in the area. Our installers are highly qualified for all types of work. If you need a drywall division in your home or business, we can install it for you. Our skilled technicians are top-notch.

    Kendy’s Painting Inc offers a wide range of services related to drywall installation and repair, from removable textures to dirt removal. When it comes to repairing drywall or installing new ceilings in your home or business, you can count on the professional touch and expertise in drywall repair.

    Put your project in our hands; we are the best drywall contractor in Redwood City CA. We are your one-stop solution for drywall repair, partitions, plaster and paint, and other construction services.

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