Cabinet Hardware Placement: Follow Our Guide and Learn How to Do It the Right Way 

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Welcome to another Kendy’s Painting Inc blog. Today we want to share with you the best cabinet hardware placement guide. We know that cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen, and that is why we want to teach you how to locate cabinet hardware. You must pay attention and follow each of the steps in this guide.

These instructions will allow you to install the handles or knobs on your cabinet doors in a visually pleasing and functional alignment. You must carry out this process in the correct way. There are many things you should consider before installing a handle; we will try to help you make the right decisions.

If you want to add a stylish touch to your cabinets then it’s time for you to consider changing the handles. We created this post because we want you to choose the correct hardware for your cabinets. You must take into account many designs and sizes; therefore, it is time to continue with this blog.

Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide: 4 Easy Steps to Follow!

cabinet hardware placement

Once you have installed the new cabinets in your kitchen, you may be stuck wondering how to install the cabinet hardware. Some people think this is an easy job, but these finishing touches are vital to make everything look good in your kitchen.

If you want to learn more then this is the guide you must follow. These are the steps to follow for cabinet hardware placement:

  1. Plan the cabinet hardware placement
  2. Attach your cabinet hardware
  3. Mark the drill hole location on your cabinets
  4. Drill the holes and install the knobs and pulls


Before beginning the installation of your cabinet hardware, you must collect the proper tools. For this project you will need a drill, a masking tape, knobs, a ruler, a hammer, a tape measure, a finishing nail, and a ruler. Now you just have to follow these steps:

Plan the Cabinet Hardware Placement

Plan the Cabinet Hardware Placement

This is the first step of our guide. You must plan where you will locate the knobs and handles. Decide if you want a modern or traditional look since that depends on the type of hardware you are going to choose. Also, determine if you are going to place the hands in a convenient way or at the bottom of the panel.

Attach Your Cabinet Hardware

Attach Your Cabinet Hardware

The holes for your hardware must be evenly spaced. We recommend using a temporary adhesive to attach the cabinet accessories to make sure you are satisfied with the height before making permanent modifications.

Mark the Drill Hole Location on Your Cabinets

cabinet hardware placement guide

Use a template to ensure the same location for each handle or knob. Before drilling the cabinet, mark the location of the drilling on the adhesive. This will prevent holes and scratches while drilling the hardware to its final position.

Drill the Holes and Install the Knobs and Pulls

how to install knobs and pulls

Lastly, drill from the front of the cabinet door and use the drill bit for the first hole. It is essential to hold the handles of the cabinet while performing this process.

As soon as you have drilled the first successful knob, wipe off any debris, and continue with your second handle, repeat the same process until all your hardware is installed.



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